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At PM Technologies, LLC. we take pride in the services we offer and the parts we produce.  We cater our expertise in additive manufacturing, design, and data analysis to a wide range of industries and look forward to helping you with custom part design and manufacturing, product development, and additive manufacturing consulting.



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With our experience with the additive manufacturing, medical device, industrial equipment, aerospace, and defense industries, no project is out of our wheelhouse. With a commitment to our customers' success in mind, we incorporate the latest industry knowledge to bring customers the design they need. We understand that a quality product starts in the design stage.  We offer computer aided design (CAD) services that include:

  • Solidworks and Fusion360 design tools

  • Design optimization for additive manufacturing

  • Product Design, and Development 

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With our strict manufacturing standards our prototypes are just like the real thing. As a leader in the additive manufacturing space we use the latest technology combined with our in-house knowledge to create a prototyping methodology that can't be beat.  We offer a seamless transition to low volume manufacturing or project transfer to a high volume manufacturer.  

We are able to produce prototypes and manufacture parts in the following materials:

  • Thermoplastics, silicone, polyurethane, and other polymers

  • Metal (machining and additive manufacturing)

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Whether you're an individual with an idea or a business in need of an expert, we can help. As an industry leader we work with professionals from every discipline to stay ahead of the curve in an era of rapidly evolving technology. We are focused on emerging technologies to help our clients maintain a competitive advantage. With our deep knowledge in the latest additive manufacturing technologies and design methodologies we guarantee your complete satisfaction.    We have a successful track record working alongside industry implementing additive manufacturing processes. 

Our consulting services are listed below:

  • Additive manufacturing process selection

  • Additive manufacturing application development

  • Comprehensive additive manufacturing training

  • Data Analysis

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Driven by Innovation

PM Technologies, LLC. has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in additive manufacturing. We functionalize our knowledge to offer high quality manufacturing and consulting services.  Our efforts are focused on using the latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies to deliver cost effective manufacturing solutions of highly complex or custom parts. Our deep understanding of all additive manufacturing process technologies give us the tools necessary to design optimal solutions for these advanced manufacturing technologies.  With industry leading experience, we can work with all types of customers - small or global, who serve a variety of industries.   We strive to provide exceptional quality in our services and products; whether it is in our design methodology or our manufacturing processes.

Our extensive experience in highly innovative environments sets us apart in the fields of additive manufacturing (3D printing), mechanical design, and data analysis.  We strive to evolve with technology to provide the most forward thinking solutions to our clients.  Additionally, we have a network of partners to offer broader technological solutions. Through our network we offer additional services: 1) process automation, 2) material characterization and testing, and 3) additive manufacturing process research and data analysis.



Where the Passion Begins



Founder and CEO

Philip has almost a decade of experience managing additive manufacturing technical research, and training programs.  His extensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) processes and applications greatly contributes to our design methodology to take full advantage of the benefits of advanced manufacturing methods.  As a visionary leader he positions PM Technologies and our clients to take advantage of the future of manufacturing.


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